Hydroxycut Review

Here is our real life review of Hydroxycut. We wanted to bring you the truth about this product so you can make the right decision about it. This product has been on the market quite a few years now, with a proven purchase record. But the question is, are the claims about the product true? Read on to see what we think about Hyroxycut.

Hydroxycut is already a well-known household name and millions of people have successfully used this product for weight loss over the span of a ten-year period. The ingredients lady's mantle extract, wild olive extract, komijn extract and wild mint extract have all proven to help accelerate weight loss in the body. However, this product does contain caffeine that can cause side-effects in some people. For the most part, this product is well-tolerated and highly used by consumers. It should only be used as a part of a healthy diet and exercise routine and as with any supplement you should check with your physician before using this product and be careful if you are caffeine sensitive. Side-effects can include dizziness, racing pulse and jittery feelings. We were still curious about what it is about Hydroxycut that is so very popular. We wanted to look deeper into the company's claims, the consumer reviews and the website. Here is what we found:

Product Claims

The manufacturer of Hydroxycut claims that this pill will encourage weight loss over dieting. They also claim that it is proven that there are no side-effects. We challenged that claim and checked another "off-site" diet forum and found that the claim is true regarding the weight loss, but some people who used Hydroxycut did experience side-effects. Although the pill does "increase energy" for some that may not be comfortable with stimulant use. We also need to clear up the misconception that because the capsules are said to be "rapid release" that does not mean you will lose weight fast by taking them. It merely means that the substance inside the capsule is quickly released into the blood stream. Many users of Hydroxycut have experienced impressive weight loss with these capsules and they have a special formulation to actually reduce side-effects and gastric irritation. The product contains different ingredients that work on the food that you eat, increase energy levels in the body and help the body burn fat. Using this product in conjunction with diet and exercise can rapidly reduce body weight and in a pretty safe manner if done correctly. Remember that some of the ingredients act as stimulants and taking higher than normal doses increase your chances of side-effects and will not make you lose weight faster.

Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

Major drug retailers sell Hydroxycut for around $20 a bottle for 60 capsules. The recommended dosage is 1 to 2 capsules a day. So, one bottle can last up to two months. This isn't a bad deal for a diet product. You an actually order multiple bottles from the manufacturer and receive a discount at $60 for 3 bottles. This is a great deal when you plan on using the product long-term, which is what you have to plan on if you use the product alone without dieting. If you buy Hydroxycut at a major drug retailer then you are subject to their own return policy. We could not find a return policy or guarantee online at the Hydroxycut website. So when ordering this product it is pretty much at your own risk. Buying from a major drug retailer, you will have to inquire about their policy when you buy the product. There are some claims that some major retailers do not take the product back. Just don't be stuck with a product that you cannot tolerate or take. Some third-party sellers on the internet do offer a money-back guarantee, but each has it's own individual policy.

Hydroxycut Final Review

We were impressed with the popularity of Hydroxycut among it's fans. The product is relatively affordable and really does increase weight loss according to consumers. We were a little concerned about being able to return the product and the side-effects that some people experienced while using Hydroxycut. Some of the side-effects included; dizziness, heart palpitations, jittery feelings and lack of appetite. It is important to eat a healthy diet while using this product to prevent undernourishment. You should also incorporate an exercise routine. Safe use of this product also includes staying within the recommended dosage and checking with your physician before using. The consumer reviews show us that Hydroxycut really does live up to its name and does work for weight loss. We believe that Hydroxycut really can help you lose weight fast and if you practice healthy lifestyle changes, you will see long lasting results. We are satisfied with our review and give this product a very positive rating for a weight loss supplement.