Does Ignite Maxx Really Work? (A Real Life Ignite Maxx Review)

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Does Ignite Maxx Really Work? (A Real Life Ignite Maxx Review)

Here is our real life review of Ignite Maxx. We understand weight loss is frustrating and hard and we want you to know the truth about products like this before you purchase them. Many products claim to “speed up” weight loss and the truth is, you need to have a good diet and exercise routine. But Ignite Maxx caught our eye, because of the particular way that it works. So, we decided to put this product through our own analysis. Let’s take a look at what we found.

We landed on Ignite Maxx because the claims were very intriguing about this product. Ignite Maxx works differently than other diet pills, because it utilizes capsicum to speed up metabolism and help burn calories and fat. Capsicum is the main chemical in chili peppers, so this product truly is all-natural and safe. What impressed us is the formulation of the product. Most products that use Capsicum as the main ingredient cause a burning and irritation of the stomach. Ignite Maxx encapsulates the main ingredient to reduce gastric upset. This really caught our eye, so we brought it to our examining table and took a deeper look.

This product contains ingredients that target different things that cause weight gain and maximize their efficiency. It grabs the fats from foods right in the stomach and tells them exactly what to do and what not to do. It makes you use fat for energy and not get stored as fat cells. The digestive enzymes help you break down food and helps it to go where it is really needed. The other ingredients will “step up” your metabolism to increase fat burning of stored fat in the body.

Just be careful of the stimulants in Ignite Maxx, it does contain caffeine which may bother sensitive people. It also contains ginseng which is also a stimulant. Sensitive people may experience dizziness, jitters and other symptoms of stimulant overuse. The good thing is they are blended just right with the other ingredients so not many people have trouble with this. They also carry a stimulant “free” formula for people who do not want the other ingredients, but the product may not have as good a results with raising the metabolism.

Product Claims

When you are desperate for a quick weight loss solution, it is very easy to fall prey to a company’s claims. Ignite Maxx has a very colorful catchy website. When you land on the page, you automatically see the consumer reviews, what it does and ordering information. They are also very honest about how the product works. Now, while this product was designed to “speed up” metabolism you will still need to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan to gain its full effects.

Product Claims

We needed to clear up the claim by the company that the actual product will burn calories for you. It is important to understand that supplements such as these supply your body with what it needs to increase caloric burn on its own. Your own body actually does the work, not the product.

Ignite Maxx takes the fats from food and prevents them from being absorbed as fat cells. This is a revolutionary process and helps you to use fat more productively for energy. This helps you make the best use of your food. This however, does not mean that you can eat rich fatty meals and not gain weight, as you should still follow a healthy diet plan.

Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

Ignite Maxx can be quite a pricey product, but it does work and is a good product. Plan on paying about $50 for a 30 Day supply of this product.  Remember as with all dietary supplements, if you do not start a good diet and exercise routine, your body will depend on the product to keep the weight off and that can get really expensive in the long run.

The company does offer a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee and they will take the unused product back and refund your money minus any shipping and handling costs. You will be charged a $5 restocking fee and beware that once your auto-ship kicks in, returns are no longer allowed. So, just be sure to cancel your auto-ship if you are not satisfied.

Ignite Maxx Final Review

┬áIgnite Maxx is truly not a bad product. We were impressed by the formulation and how it works. As with most diet supplements, we do believe that you need to use products like this with healthy lifestyle changes such as; diet and lifestyle. The product is a bit costly and if you don’t make some permanent lifestyle changes, it could run into a lot of expense.

Be careful of the auto-ship feature, as you can incur extra charges on your credit card bill that you were not expecting and if you do go on the auto-ship program you can no longer return the product. We think you might be satisfied with the results, but not everyone is, so be wary of the restrictions and read the fine print on the website.

Overall, we did think Ignite Maxx was a pretty good product and we were impressed with the results and reviews of the product. Still, as with any weight loss supplement, be sure to learn good dietary and lifestyle modifications. Good job Ignite Maxx!


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