Our real life review of Variderm will give you our honest opinion of this product. Varicose veins can be embarrassing and painful, so we understand that you need to know if this product will work. We analyzed this product thoroughly in order to bring you the best review possible. After looking at Variderm, we truly feel this is of very high quality. Varicose veins are one of the most embarrassing health issues and many people with them tend to avoid situations where they have to show their legs. The problem with this health issue is that most medical treatments are not covered by insurance due to cosmetic reasons. This leads some people to become desperate for help with them. Realize that in a moment of desperation, it can be costly to believe everything you read on the internet. So many companies promise you a cure, but they don't come through with results. We found a product that sounded like it may have some truth behind it's claims, but we need to put it through our analyzing process before we could believe it. We aren't easy on products and they usually fail our tests. The product we found was Variderm , and at first glance it looked like it might be very promising. We brought to our examining table and begin to look at everything. We stumbled across the website almost completely by accident. It was really eye catching and complete. They really took the time for consumer education, which we really like. Doctor's are so busy these days that people really don't get the education they need to help themselves. When a manufacturer takes that time to stand behind their product, it means they really do care about people! We decided to give Variderm our once over, then a twice over and even looked again just to make sure and here is what we found:

Product Claims

The makers of Variderm claim that the product starts to help varicose veins within only a couple of weeks. This really caught our attention, because that is a really strong claim. We needed to know how and why, so we undertook a huge project with this one. We really gave the website a once over to see how they could claim this. These people really know the anatomy behind varicose veins and how they happen. This was obviously their key to finding a treatment that works. When we checked the ingredients and compared them to how varicose veins happened, they had really made a connection. Still, we were not satisfied. We needed to know all about how Variderm works. The ingredient list was very long and hard to understand, so we took them one by one and researched them for ourselves. Here is our list of ingredients and what we found out:

  • Witch Hazel

Witch hazel has been used for hundreds of years as an astringent. Recently, it has been found to help internally with strengthening vein walls. If too much is used, it can cause gastrointestinal distress. It is included in reasonable amounts in the product that are safe.

  • Horse Chestnut Seed

There are claims that this can improve vein health.

  • Diosmin

Said to improve blood flow to the legs.

  • Ginger Root

Can help improve circulation, thin the blood and is a mild anti-inflammatory.

  • Hesperidin

Strengthens capillaries

  • Oat Straw

Reduces swelling in the legs.

  • Butchers Broom

Increases circulation while preventing blood clots.

  • Billiberry

Natural anti-oxidant.

  • Plantain

A cousin of the banana, can help maintain healthy blood pressure.

  • Rutin

Improves blood flow.

  • Mullein Leaf

Native Americans used this for many things. Not commonly used for varicose veins, but can improve blood flow.

  • Red Root

Claims state it can help to repair capillaries and improve blood flow.

  • Niacin

Treatment used in many circulatory disorders.

  • Cayenne

Long used to improve blood flow and relieve pain.

When we looked at the individual ingredients, by themselves did not seem like much. What we did find was that used together, the makers of Variderm found something that would really go to work to heal varicose veins. Each ingredient did have backing by the natural medicine community, so we knew it had to be good. The only issue we found was that witch hazel in high doses can cause stomach upset, but the amount in the product was not enough to cause side-effects. As a matter of fact, there were no reported side-effects or drug interactions. All we found was that people on blood thinners should check with their physician before using this product.

Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

We really looked long and hard at the cost of treatment with Variderm. It could potentially take a long time to fade varicose veins, so we were a little worried that the overall total cost might be high. We looked at the out-of-pocket expense for laser therapy, injections and surgery and compared them to Variderm. We were amazed at how much money people can save by using this product. And they offer free bottles with purchase of multiple bottles. We definitely like FREE! Plus, we also looked at the cost of each ingredient separately and each one bought separately would greatly increase the cost of treatment. We felt the manufacturer really did care and was passing on great discounts to the consumers who bought this product. Then there is the question, "what if Variderm does not work?" We always ask that question about the products we review and we always look for the answer. We found a money-back guarantee right there on the first page of the website. If the product does not work, or the consumer is just not satisfied, they can return it for a full refund. That gave us peace of mind that you the consumer, have protection in buying Variderm.

Variderm Final Review

The website came through with high-quality information, the ingredients were top notch and the ordering process was very easy. Shipping received an A+ on our review and the packaging was very discreet. We found many consumers raving about the fact that they could wear shorts again, go to the beach and no longer turn down invitations to pool parties! Variderm really did come through for us and we are proud to announce that this is an excellent product. It wasn't easy and it took a lot of work and research, but we couldn't find a single thing wrong with it. We honestly believe in this product and feel good about recommending it for varicose vein treatment.