Green Coffee Ultra-Review

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  • Date:
  • February 28, 2017

Green Coffee Ultra Review

Our real life review will give you an honest opinion of Green Coffee Ultra. After thoroughly analyzing Green Coffee Ultra, we feel that this is the best green coffee bean extract on the market. This product was created with the strictest standards and your good health in mind. We were highly impressed with Green Coffee Ultra and feel really good about extending our highest recommendation for this product. Green Coffee Ultra is a new and innovative all-natural weight loss supplement. We heard a lot of hype on the benefits of green coffee bean extract, so we went in search of products that claim to help with weight loss containing this ingredient. We found a lot of different products and some just didn't live up to what the doctor's are claiming you need for this to help you lose weight. Green coffee extract must be absolutely pure, in order to, get the full benefits. Then we stumbled upon Green Coffee Ultra and we what we felt was, that this company found the best way to extract the highest amounts of green coffee bean extract. The proof is in the beans. The makers of Green Coffee Ultra looked far and wide to find the best green coffee beans available. By the looks of their website, they spared no expense in making a high quality supplement of this kind. So, we decided to take an in depth look at the product and see what all the hype is about. We watched a lot of different programs on green coffee extract and learned all we could about this supplement. Even Dr. Oz mentions it in a lot of his health talks these days. We knew that the Green Coffee Ultra makers were on to something good here. Green Coffee Extract is sort of the new miracle in the weight loss industry, but we found that it needs to be really high strength and that is where some manufacturers are going wrong. They are giving it at the wrong dosage, only 400mg capsules. Green coffee extract works most effectively at 1600mg a day. Green Coffee Ultra went above that and created a higher dosage capsule, so you don't have to take as many capsules. This saves you money and is more convenient in the long run.

Product Claims

The makers of Green Coffee Ultra claim that most green coffee extracts are not enough to encourage weight loss. They also claim that the coffee beans they use for their own formula have the highest amount of Chlorogenic acid available. The manufacturer brings in their coffee beans from Central America and state that they are the highest quality green coffee beans available. We looked into this further and found that the supplement does contain the recommended amount of over 50% Chlorogenic acid. This was a plus in our books! What backs these claims is that Green Coffee Ultra meets USP standards (United States Pharmacopoeia), which means it is tested for strength and purity. We looked and the certifications are there, right on their website. This product is also endorsed by several medical doctor's, which made us feel even better about this formula. The laboratory is FDA registered and they have to live up to some pretty strict standards because of this. Most manufacturers are giving this supplement in 400mg capsules and the recommended dosage is 1600mg a day. That means that 4 capsules need to be taken daily for most of the formulations on the market. The makers of Green Coffee Ultra are making their capsules in 800mg strength capsules, so you will only need 2 capsules a day. You won't need to order as much and this saves you money! Another great point for this company on our books. Green Coffee Ultra works on the body's metabolism with an acid called Chlorogenic acid, not caffeine. Chlorogenic acid helps the body utilize glucose more effectively, while encouraging the body to burn fat cells. It also prevents the body from storing fat. Green Coffee Ultra also helps total body health by; improving heart health, reducing blood pressure and keeping blood sugar levels healthy. There are no reported side-effects or drug interactions. The only caution we found was in diabetics, it can lower the blood sugar and cause a hypoglycemic reaction. It would be good for diabetics to run this by their physician before using this product.

Costs and Money-Back Guarantee

When we find a product this good, we always tend to worry that it is going to be really expensive. They really did find the best green coffee beans, made the highest quality extract and they even doubled the dose of the medication, so you take less. We were pretty amazed that the product is a very competitive $39.95 and they even give free bottles with multiple bottle orders. They have a great money-back guarantee that if you don't like the product they will take it back, no questions asked. Not a bad deal at all! The shipping was really fast and discreet. No one has to know that you have ordered a weight loss product and if you call the customer service line, you will find only friendly voices on the other end of the line. That's a lot to say for companies these days and customer service is important when you are spending your hard earned money on their products.

Green Coffee Ultra Final Review

Our final thoughts on Green Coffee Ultra are nothing but good ones. The green coffee bean has taken the world by storm and this company found the best way to get the extract and pass on to you a great product worth buying. Check out what the docs are saying about the health benefits of a green coffee bean extract and then go check out the Green Coffee Ultra website. You will find a very informative place to learn about the benefits of this supplement. We feel confident in recommending Green Coffee Ultra for this new weight loss supplement. This company has really done a good job in making a quality product.