Review Guidelines

What are the goals for Analyze That reviews?

  • To help you find trustworthy companies and effective supplements
  • To provide readers with useful and interesting articles on the latest diet and health trends
  • To help you avoid scams
  • To provide you with the necessary tools to make more informed decisions

What constitutes as a great review on Analyze That?

  • Honest and accurate reviews based on factual public information
  • Written with the goal of providing helpful and relevant information
  • Standard format
  • Free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • No bashing, hateful speech or profanity
  • No plagiarism
  • No exaggerations

What about negative reviews?

We post product reviews that include negative experiences that consumers have had, which also include other facts in the mix. Most companies want to improve their products and services, thus if there is a negative review, it will go a long way in informing the manufacturers of the flaws in their products. Hopefully, positive change will result.

Does Analyze That remove reviews?

We only remove reviews if they fail to comply with our own guidelines and criteria for accurate and honest reporting. If they are proven to be exaggerated or contain any misrepresentations, contain plagiarism, or appear to be fake they will be taken down.

If we do discover that a review we've already published actually turns out to be inaccurate or untruthful, we do reserve the right to remove it from our website.

Does Analyze That review every comment submitted to the website?

Absolutely. We have a dedicated team that devote considerable amount of time reviewing every single review that is written and comment to ensure that they comply with our guidelines and criteria, are accurate, clear and honest.

Do you publish all the comments you receive?

No we don’t. We do reserve the right not to publish certain comments if they don’t comply with our guidelines (e,g, they are unethical, inaccurate, contain hateful speech, etc.). Essentially, our goal is to provide a helpful service. That is the big picture. More specifically, we are in favor of publishing all comments should they be negative or positive, just as long as they comply with our guidelines and criteria.

Bottom Line

It is in our best interest to provide the most accurate and useful information on nutritional and dietary supplements that consumers are searching for. With that said, we reserve the full right to not publish any consumer comments that we receive at Analyze That should they be offensive or not comply with our guidelines. Protection Status