Research Verified Green Coffee Bean Extract - Review

bottle of Research Verified Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Date:
  • June 23, 2017

Product Claims of Research Verified Green Coffee Bean Extract

The purpose of writing this Research Verified Green Coffee Bean Extract review is to shed light on why this supplement is considered as one of the best on the market today. Ever since the news broke out that green coffee bean extract is a miracle ingredient for losing weight, dozens of supplements with this ingredient have cropped up everywhere. This created confusion to consumers who are in need of assistance in losing weight. Research Verified claims that their product is effective as it can help you burn fat fast and without the risk of experiencing any side effects at all. Is there truth in this? Read our review about this Green Coffee Bean Extract by Research Verified to find out.


This supplement contains 800mg of green coffee bean extract with 50% Chlorogenic Acid encased in a vegetarian capsule. Green coffee bean extract is relatively new on the scene of weight loss products but there have been several studies, as well as clinical trials, that show that this ingredient supports fat burning provided that it is in the right dosage and that it comes with 50% chlorogenic acid to speed up metabolism. What's great about using this extract is that it is low in caffeine so there will be minimal to no side effects. And because this dietary supplement doesn't come with any fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients, you are getting the pure form of green coffee bean extract.

Dosage Instructions

As per the recommendation of Research Verified, consumers need to take two capsules per day. You will need to take one capsule twice a day and at least 30 minutes before your meals and with 8 ounces of water. For pregnant and nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and those with medical conditions, you should consult with your doctor first before taking this supplement. Take note that this supplement contains 20mg of caffeine, so those who are sensitive should also take caution.

Cost and Guarantee

What we love about Research Verified's 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is that it comes with reasonable prices, especially when you purchase directly from the manufacturer. A single bottle of this supplement costs $48 only. If you want to get big savings, you should consider their three months' supply for only $98, while their six months' supply is priced at $142. Research Verified also offers a 365-day money-back guarantee for all their products which gives consumers ample time to assess their green coffee bean extract supplement.

Summary of Our Research Verified Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

After carefully reviewing all the data that we have gathered for our review, we have determined that Research Verified's Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement is one of the best on the market. What makes this dietary supplement worth considering is that it follows the recommended dosage of 800mg of pure green coffee bean extract with 50% chlorogenic acid. The prices offered are suitable to even those who are on a tight budget because there are big savings up for grabs. Add to this the fact that there is a 365-day money back guarantee and you know you won't find any other supplement out there that can match this guarantee and price.

If you are seriously considering help with your weight loss goals, we think this supplement is a great choice.

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