Acai Berry Select-Review

bottle of acai berry select
  • Date:
  • June 10, 2017

Acai Berry Select Review

Acai berry has had great press since it was discovered to have a high vitamin content, especially vitamin C, and antioxidants. The makers of Acai Berry Select claim that by combining Acai extract with a number of other nutrients, they have a formula with a distinct advantage over other Acai products when it comes to weight loss.


Acai berry extract contains Omega fatty acids, several amino acids, fiber, and many useful vitamins and minerals. It includes:

  • Chromium (75 mcg): Chromium has been shown to effectively help control blood sugar levels which may help with weight loss efforts; although it will not, in itself, actually produce loss of weight.
  • Green Tea (225 mg): Green tea is a popular choice for dieters as a fat burner. Its main effect is due to the caffeine content but it also contains a variety of healthy antioxidants. It is supported as a useful diet aid by a number of studies.
  • Caffeine (200 mg): Caffeine is a stimulant and diuretic, which boosts metabolism that helps with weight loss for many people.
  • Acai Berry (50 mg): Acai contains powerful antioxidants at much higher concentrations than most other fruits like oranges, blueberries and pomegranates. It has been touted by many to be one of the healthiest supplements available. By itself, acai isn't going to cause you to lose weight, but it is a great addition to any health supplement.
  • L-Theanine (8mg): L-theanine is a constituent of green tea and there is evidence that it may help relieve stress by inducing relaxation of mood without drowsiness and may also possess benefits for immunity, the heart and arteries, and in preventing cancer. The actual scientific data is, however, somewhat limited at present.


This product would seem to be similar to many which, while based on beneficial ingredients for general health, are not likely to show a dramatic effect when it comes to trying to lose weight. A supportive role is fair enough, but implying effective weight loss as a direct result of this product is being over optimistic.