CLA MD-Review

bottle of CLA MD
  • Date:
  • May 14, 2017

Product Claims of CLA MD

Many supplements claim to be the best way to burn fat, promising to be the best shortcut for weight loss. CLA MD is yet another of these drugs, but this one is different - it seems to have the proof needed to back up the big claims.

CLA MD has four main benefits. The first benefit, which the website labels "block," is how the supplement stops the production of fat in the body due to the blocking of an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase. The second benefit, which the website labels "suppress," is how the appetite is suppressed in an attempt to control hunger, reducing food cravings increasing a feeling of fullness. The third benefit, which the website labels "boost," is how blood sugar levels are regulated to ensure balance and calm throughout the day. The fourth benefit, which the website labels "enhance," is how weight loss is accelerated due to the burning of fats.

CLA MD has the FDA seal of approval and meets the US pharmacopeia's criteria for safety and quality. There are a number of glowing reviews viewable on the website from satisfied customers.


CLA is the only ingredient in CLA MD. Derived from safflower oil, it has the highest possible potency for the best possible weight loss benefits. It is a modified form of unsaturated Omega-6 fatty acids and was designed carefully by doctors to have the most effective possible composition while leaving out any artificial additives. Careful research was conducted to ensure that CLA MD was the most effective CLA supplement available on the market.

CLA MD possesses zero preservatives, artificial additives or hormones and was manufactured in a cGMP laboratory.

Dosage Information

Individuals that are nursing, pregnant, suffering a preexisting sickness, or taking other prescribed medications should avoid taking CLA MD before consulting a medical professional.

Cost and Guarantee

There are a few different purchase options available on the website. These purchase options range from buying just one bottle for $49.95 to buying six bottles for $139.80. The six bottle purchase is definitely the best value, with customers saving over $219. Payment can be done through Paypal, Paypal Credit, or Amazon.

If you are dissatisfied with CLA MD, then you will be happy to hear that CLA MD offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. Customers simply need to send back the bottles, regardless of whether or not they were used, and you will be given a full refund.

Summary of our CLA MD Review

In conclusion, we have found that the supplement is definitely a weight loss supplement worth trying. We did note that this is a product that sells out quickly but we see this negative as something quite positive and only a small concern. Overall, the website provided facts and data that supported their claims and gave an affordable price as well as a reasonable 60-day money-back guarantee for their product. In addition, the stellar reviews from satisfied customers more than speak for themselves. We can conclude that CLA MD is definitely a weight loss supplement worth a chance.