How To Improve Your Health Naturally? Ginkgo Biloba-Review

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  • Date:
  • September 28, 2018

Ginkgo Biloba Review

Here is our real life review of a popular herbal remedy called Ginkgo Biloba. You have probably already heard this name many times and it has many uses to help improve total body health. We wanted to check out and analyze what all the hype is about and bring you our own review on this popular supplement. This will give you all the facts, the cost and how we truly feel about Ginkgo Biloba. Read on to see what we found out. Ginkgo Biloba is a well- known and popular herbal remedy used to supplement the body and aid many health conditions. The extract comes form the maidenhair tree and has many different effects on the body. From food uses to medicinal, this tree isn't just for shade in your garden. Ginkgo Biloba extracts are used to improve circulation, memory, stamina and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular conditions. They have both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is found as a main ingredient in supplement pills or an added ingredient in combination herbal supplements. There are many vitamin and herbal manufacturers that have different strengths on the market. The usual dosage is 40mg to 200mg daily, depending on the condition that is being treated. Some of the side effects include; dizziness, fast heartbeat and stomach upset. Some people tend to be allergic to Ginkgo and first time users need to be cautious and watch for rashes or trouble breathing. Never eat the Ginkgo seeds, they can be toxic and cause seizures and even death. Makers of Ginkgo pills use careful measures to extract the poisonous substance and give you pure, high quality product.

Product Claims

Proponents of Ginkgo Biloba claim that it can improve memory, energy levels and circulation. Actual clinical trials have shown this herb to be very useful in the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It helps improve memory and can reduce dizzy spells. It has also been shown in small studies to improve circulation all the way down to tiny capillaries. It may help slow down the body's platelet activation, therefore reducing the incidence of blood clots. When combined with SSRI's it may help to improve sexual function. It has also been noted to possibly increase blood flow to the brain and improve cerebrovascular function. There are some small studies that may show promise in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, but this is not proven yet. Since it improves blood flow, it can help with circulation issues in the extremities. It is also said to help with asthma and ringing in the ears, known as "tinnitus." There are precautions that people on blood thinners or SSRI's should not use this herbal supplement or use caution. As with any herb, check with your physician before using it. The preparations can also have Ginkgolic acid that can be toxic in large amounts. Most manufacturers do their best to filter out most of this acid and make the product safe for consumption. People who use this product mostly use it for memory improvement and circulatory disorders. We believe this supplement really does work and that is why it has been around for so long. Even some medical doctor's are suggesting it's use for early onset dementia, before they attempt stronger prescription medications. In this mysterious disease, anything is worth trying. Some people notice improvement in memory in as little as a week after beginning treatment with Ginkgo Biloba.


The price you pay for Ginkgo Biloba depends on the manufacturer of the product. It can run you $3 to $35 per bottle depending on how many tablets you buy. For memory enhancement, it is recommended that you take 120mg to 240mg per day. For circulation issues, up to 340mg per day is recommended. Although, start with low doses at first so you don't irritate your stomach. You can order Ginkgo Biloba online or find it at any major drug stores or major retailers. Be careful when ordering online, that you are ordering a quality product. At least in the store, you can read the bottle and ask a pharmacist for a recommendation.

Ginkgo Biloba Final Review

We can't honestly say that Ginkgo Biloba is a cure for Alzheimer's or dementia, because for those conditions there is no known cure. What we can say, is that many people have noticed significant improvement in memory when using this supplement. The claims made for circulation improvement are small, but promising. Our team believes this is a good supplement for people who suffer from mild blood vessel disease and have no other treatments available, such as Reynaud's Syndrome. This product is very inexpensive and you only need to take it once daily, so a bottle will last you a month if you buy 30 tablets and the larger bottles could last you months at a time. This supplement needs time to work in your body and know that it could take up to a month or longer to notice any effects. Once you start using Ginkgo Biloba, you may have to use it continuously for long periods of time to keep up the effects. It is a small price to pay for relief from mild conditions, especially when used for memory improvement. We do highly recommend Ginkgo Biloba if your health condition and physician allow you to use it. The cost is inexpensive and it may just be the boost your body needs to function at it's best.

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