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  • Date:
  • May 3, 2018

Product Claims of Neurexil

Neurexil claims to be the most effective "smart drug" on the market. The cognitive enhancing nootropic supplement seeks to differentiate itself from other supplements of its kind by being designed to enhance all cognitive functions, rather than only helping specific ones. Neurexil boasts over 20 years of documented research on the effects of the ingredients contained within this product, the benefits of which have been reported on by numerous publications such as the Life Science Journal, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and the Brain Research Bulletin. These benefits include, but are not limited to, enhanced endurance, stronger memory and recall ability, and improved concentration. This is done with a dual action formula composed entirely of natural ingredients.

The nootropic supplement works in four steps. First, it stimulates cognition by providing effective ingredients. Second, Neurexil increases the oxygen levels in the brain, which improves memory, thought clarity, and analytical skills. The third step sees an improvement in both mood and motivation, decreasing fatigue and boosting attentiveness and focus. The fourth step focuses on the removal of toxins, developing new neural connections and supplying the brain with the nutrients it needs, all in an effort to maintain the effects of the supplement.


This cognitive enhancer possesses a formula made up of 100% natural ingredients. It is certified by the FDA, and each ingredient was carefully selected by a team of scientific researchers and doctors using established clinical data. Every ingredient has documented and proven benefits for cognitive function.

Dosage Instructions

Neurexil contains no preservatives or additives, and is manufactured in a certified cGMP laboratory. As such, the product undergoes constant testing to ensure its safety.

The website advises that Neurexil should not be taken by pregnant women, nursing women, or those taking prescription medications. A doctor should be consulted if you are considering taking a nootropic supplement like Neurexil.

Customer Service is available on the website and over the phone for those inquiring about Neurexil.

Cost and Guarantee

Neurexil can be bought through both Amazon and the Neurexil website. Numerous purchase options are available, ranging from one bottle at $49.95 to six bottles for $139.80. We recommend the six bottle purchase as it is the best value, saving customers over $200.

Dissatisfied customers are eligible for a 60-day money-back guarantee. Simply send back all purchased bottles, whether used or unused, for a full refund.

Summary of our Neurexil Review

User testimonials for Neurexil are viewable on the website, and they really speak for themselves. The nootropic supplement may make some bold promises about maximum efficiency, but these are far from empty words. The drug's promises are bolstered by glowing reviews and well documented scientific research. The price is affordable, and the money-back guarantee ensures that the product has little to no risk. With a formula made up of 100% natural ingredients, a money-back guarantee, an affordable price, and stellar reviews all around, Neurexil has our endorsement.

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