Now Vein Supreme Veg Capsule-Review

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  • November 23, 2018

Product Claims of Vein Supreme Veg Capsule

Welcome to today's review of Vein Supreme Veg Capsule. The manufacturer has made this product as a support for a healthy vein function and vascular integrity. The product is a combination of botanical ingredients. The product is suitable for vegetarians and is non-GMO.


  • Standardized Prickly Ash Bark Extract.
  • Horse Chestnut Extract.
  • Butcher's Broom Extract.
  • Grape Seed Extract.
  • Rutin Powder.

These ingredients are mostly used as a poultice that is applied to the skin over the area of pain. The other ingredients found in the product are Rice Flour, Cellulose Powder, Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate and Silica.

Dosage Instructions

Before you consume this product, visit your doctor to determine if the product is suitable for you. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition, check with your doctor if your condition is compatible with the product. The manufacturer has recommended that you should consume 2 capsules daily.

Cost and Guarantee

The product consists of 90 vegetarian capsules that may be bought on Amazon for $17.01. The price includes shipping costs. The manufacturer has not made any discount available for the product. After searching the official site, as well as Amazon, we were concerned when we found out that the product does not come with a guarantee. In most instances, when the manufacturer has omitted a guarantee from the product, it does not believe that the product is able to provide consistent results. If the manufacturer had believed in the product, the guarantee would be intrinsic.

Summary Of Our Vein Supreme Veg Capsule Review

We have concluded that Now has manufactured a product called Vein Supreme Veg Capsule as a support for a healthy vein function and vascular integrity. The product is a combination of botanical ingredients. After examining the product, we discovered several factors that are of a great concern. The manufacturer has not stated detailed instructions for the use of the product. We are told only to use 2 capsules a day. This information does not tell us if it is 1 dose of 2 capsules or 2 doses of 1 capsule. We are also not informed the time of day the doses should be taken nor if it should be before or after meals. The manufacturer has not offered any discount or promotion for the product. One of the biggest concerns with this product is that it does not come with a guarantee. When a customer purchases a product that does not come with a guarantee, it is the customer who is taking a risk and not the manufacturer. Also, any product without a guarantee is indicative of the manufacturer's lack of belief in the product. If the manufacturer had believed that the product can deliver consistent results, a guarantee would be inherent. We searched for customer testimonials to get feedback on their experience, and we discovered that the product had only a few testimonials. A product that does not have many testimonials means that not many customers have purchased the product. One customer complained that the product did not work.

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