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  • Date:
  • February 18, 2018

Chantix Review

Here is our real life review of the popular medication Chantix. This product is designed to help smokers quit smoking for good. We are always concerned about prescription medications, as our team of reviewers tends to look for more all-natural treatments. We understand that quitting smoking is hard and at times, you may find yourself desperate to try anything. Since chantix is so popular, we decided to give this product our own analysis and review to help you make a good decision about it. Chantix has been around over the last few years and many people have claimed success with quitting smoking while using it. The medication works by actually blocking the nicotine receptors in the brain. It can also cause you to release dopamine and give you a feeling like nicotine does. The positive thing about Chantix is unlike other nicotine based smoking cessation medications, you can still smoke while you are taking Chantix because it does not contain nicotine. They do encourage that you try and stop smoking completely by the second week of taking the product. No prescription medication comes without side-effects and we found a lot of them with Chantix. Anything that works directly on the brain can be dangerous and this product is very risky. You need to make sure if you use it that your doctor is aware of any medical conditions you may have and all of the medications that you are taking. Some of the more common side-effects include; problems with sleeping, stomach upset and constipation. The more severe and less common side-effects can include; suicidal ideations, hostility and excessive anger along with abnormal thinking patterns. Although we thought this was a good medication and were impressed with the reviews, the side-effects really had our team concerned.

Product Claims

Chantix does not really claim good statistics that it really does work, but they do claim that over "7 million people" have been prescribed this medication. Statistics show that only 44% of users quit smoking on Chantix. You do have to follow a "quit smoking" plan and stick to it in order for the product to actually work. Just so you know that many people continue to smoke beyond the suggested two week period and it can take up to a year to two years to quit on Chantix. You really need to weight the pro's and con's of this medication before you decide to use it. Yes, smoking is very bad for your body and very expensive. This medication can also be and there are other methods to quit that do not come with side-effects and the expense. This medication also has a high-risk of allergic reactions and there can be some very severe side-effects such as; chest pain, stroke, vision changes and high blood pressure. Smoking also raises the risk of these conditions, so smoking while taking the medication can be quite dangerous. We did however see some very positive consumer reviews on the medication that if the user sticks to a good quit smoking plan, it does ease the withdrawal symptoms. Some people claim that if they try and smoke while using Chantix, they don't feel the actual effects of the cigarette because it shuts down the "reward" center in the brain. This means that you do not get the usual satisfaction from nicotine and after a while, you just don't care about cigarettes anymore. This is actually a very helpful way for some people to quit smoking and it has been proven to work for some.

Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

The average monthly cost of Chantix is about $120 per month and most insurances are now covering this medication. You can even get coupons from your doctor to help alleviate the cost. If you figure the cost of smoking at about $5 a pack x 30 days = $150, then Chantix is definitely cheaper than your smoking habit. They average the full cost of treatment at about $500, but you can save a lot in a year if you actually do quit. Of course, Chantix is a prescription medication so there is no money-back guarantee when you use it. It is against the law for pharmacies to take back prescription medications and give refunds. So, you use Chantix at your own risk and if you have a reaction, side-effects or it plain just does not work for you, then you could potentially be out of a lot of money. This is something you really need to think about when deciding to use Chantix.

Chantix Final Review

When looking at Chantix as a quit smoking aid, you really need to think about the good and bad points. The good thing is, anything that can help you through the cravings is a good thing. The bad thing is the side-effects can be bad, the cost is high and it may or may not work. You really have to be committed to using this medication, as directed for quite some time. Even though the product allows you to smoke while taking it, it has to come from you. The medication does not completely eliminate cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Personally, our teams analysis shows that people actually do better with other quitting methods. And we especially like the ones that include all-natural and safe ingredients. Things like acupuncture, hypnosis and herbal treatments can be better for your body in the long run. It is definitely up to you if you choose to use this product. But, please as a consumer look at the side-effects first and try other methods first to see if they work for you. We feel that Chantix should only be used as a last resort in your quitting plan and make sure that you are in good health before trying this product. Our final words on Chantix is that we feel this product has too many side-effects and can be very costly if you do not have insurance. We were concerned with the risks to your health and your wallet and decided not to give this product our two-thumbs up. Sorry Chantix!

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