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  • February 26, 2018

Product Claims of Swanson D-Mannose

Our review today is for Swanson D-Mannose, a supplement for the treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs) which has been designed to support urinary tract health by nourishing healthy flora. It is more and more common to hear about urinary tract infections (UTIs) which is when bacteria enter the urethra and results in an infection.  These infections are very painful and cause discomforts that may include burning during urination, fever, blood urine and nausea. Many people with UTIs take antibiotics but that treatment does not necessarily prevent future UTIs from occurring.  And our bodies quickly build up a resistance to antibiotics.


The main ingredient for this product is:  UT-Pro D-Mannose - 700 mg

D-Mannose is used for preventing urinary tract infections by preventing E.Coli from attaching itself to the uterine lining.  It is also prebiotic which stimulates the production of good bacteria in your digestive system.

Inactive Ingredients: Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, and Silica.

Dosage Instructions

The dosage instructions are to take one capsule two times daily with water. The recommendation is that for the maximum benefits of this product, take two capsules two times each day.  If you are nursing or pregnant, you should not take this supplement. As always if you have any medical condition, it is always best to check with your physician before adding in a new supplement.  

Cost and Guarantee

Each bottle of this product contains 60 capsules. The manufacturer sells each bottle for $12.99 and. You can also purchase this product online at other websites for $12.99, and we were not able to find multi-packs to discount the cost of this supplement.   Swanson does not offer any bulk purchasing packages or discounts.

The manufacturer offers an attractive guarantee for a full year on both opened and unopened bottles of their supplement.  

Summary Of Our Swanson D-Mannose Review

D-Mannose as a supplement to support urinary tract health comes portable capsules and each bottle will last consumers one month. The price is fair as well in comparison to other products on the market.  Unfortunately it does not contain any of the key ingredients that are known to help prevent UTIs including combinations of Lingonberry and Cranberry, as well as other ingredients including Uva Ursi which help protect from other bacteria that may cause infections so a blend of ingredients is really key for a product such as this and they are plainly missing from the ingredient list of this supplement. Although there is a good supply of D-Mannose in this product which is known to help ensure that bacteria does not stick to the bladder walls, the total maximum dosage of the product is 1400 mg a day and other products provide much higher doses of D-Mannose. For all these reasons, we point customers to look at other products that help support urinary tract health that carry better products for customers and give a better overall warranty and give you a better product with more ingredients for your money.

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