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  • May 17, 2018

30-Second Smile Review

We wanted to give you a real life review of 30-Second Smile. We know how important white teeth are and even more important is trustworthy products to help you achieve the best smile you can get. We gave 30-Second Smile a thorough analysis and offer you this review so you can decide for yourself if this product is really worth buying. When we see products like 30-Second Smile, we always wonder if it really works. So, we take products such as these and pick them apart trying to find any flaws that may cause a consumer to not be satisfied. Internet marketing can be shady business and we want you to be sure of a product before you buy it. The 30- Second Smile toothbrush is a revolutionary new way to brush your teeth and get them their cleanest, while improving gum health. But the product seemed to fall just a bit short of their claims. Let's take a closer look: We found this product and realized that it may just be a winner for squeaky clean teeth. We looked at everything about 30-Second Smile and saw some great advantages over all the others. While it did have some claims that we really had to look at, overall we were able to give it an okay review. We feel that products like these are needed on the market. Some are better than others, so we will give you all the information we found.

Product Claims

The makers of 30-Second Smile claim this product offer you the same results as a thorough teeth cleaning. No one likes to go to the dentist, so performing this at home is a sure plus! We needed to make sure that this system worked and if it did, people would really be satisfied with the results. The maker of this product introduced a revolutionary toothbrush that they claim can clean teeth better than any other electronic toothbrush on the market today. We wanted to make sure this claim was true, so we checked it out. The claims are that using this toothbrush daily can improve gum health, give you the whitest smile you've ever had and reduce the incidence of gingivitis. They also claim that this product can clean all sides of the teeth at the same time. Cleaning the teeth this well and giving you healthy gums in 30-Seconds is a tall order to fill. But we found from reviewing the product that it really does work. The claims are true and you can have whiter teeth and healthier gums with 30-Second Smile. According to the product website, users of this toothbrush and even dentists are raving about how well it works! The reason it works so well is a system that is designed to surround your teeth with bristles, cleaning them all at the same time. It works by "bass brushing" your teeth, which is the most recommended technique by dental experts. You really can't go wrong with a toothbrush that is designed this way. The only thing we thought the website needed was a little more education on proper tooth brushing technique, but the product works so well, you shouldn't need it! This toothbrush is specially designed so that you won't miss anything and you get a thorough cleaning every time you use it. Because this toothbrush cleans so thoroughly, you can get the same tooth cleanliness in 30 seconds that you would normally get from 3 minutes of brushing. Bottom line, we were really impressed with this product and how well they claim it cleaned the teeth. The best part is, dentists stated that their patients that used 30-Second Smile began to see improvements in gingivitis in as little as 2 weeks. That is all around better for your dental health and your entire body! What we did find was that for the toothbrush to work at full capacity, the batteries do need to be changed often. This could potentially be an added expense.

Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

The 30-Second Smile system is available for two payments of around $30. This is a very competitive price considering all that this tooth brushing system does! You get the unit, a stand and a travel case. They also start you off with two sets of brushes, a tongue scraper and a 3 year warranty on the product. That is a great offer, but watch out for hidden costs. You will need to periodically replace the brush heads. The maker of 30-Second Smile also offers a free trial for a full 60 Days and if you are not satisfied, you can return the product no questions asked. Be careful though, if you return the product the guarantee does not cover shipping and handling charges. Also, they offer "Free brush brushes for life" and the shipping and handling charges for these are placed on auto-ship. So you may have some charges on your credit card bill every few months. It is a convenient option if you are pleased with the product, you won't ever have to remember to order your replacement brushes.

30-Second Smile Final Review

We were really pleased with the 30-Second Smile and it's overall performance. The website could have used just a little more information on proper tooth brushing. The price was right and the results were really good. If people can save themselves a few trips a year to the dentist for cleanings, then it is very worth the investment. We did hear the batteries needed replacing a bit more often than the manufacturer mentioned and in order for the brush to work at its full capacity, it needs fresh batteries. Overall, we were impressed with this innovative device to keep your smile white and bright. If you want a fresh clean smile and healthy gums, go ahead and order. We just wanted to make you aware of the "free brush" deal and the need for extra batteries. Our honest reviews always tell you the truth about a product and we hope this product analysis helps you to make a good decision.

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