World Organic Breath Buddies-Review

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  • August 29, 2018

Product Claims of World Organic Breath Buddies

The issue of bad breath is not an easy one because it is a real turn off to those that are in your life who you are in contact with on a regular basis.  And it’s an embarrassing issue for all parties involved because the person who has the bad breath typically is not aware of the problem until a trusted friend confides in that person that there seems to be a problem.  We are in search of a great solution and therefore our review today is a product that is manufactured by World Organic and is called Breath Buddies.  They state they are an all natural breath freshener that is used for internal cleansing of the body - that by tackling straight on the core problem inside a person’s digestive system, that the offensive odor can be eliminated.


Main Ingredients:

  • Sunflower Oil

  • Parsley Seed Oil

Minor Ingredients:

  • Kosher Gelatin

  • Water

Note that the parsley seed oil and sunflower oil are both contained in a kosher gelatin capsule. Sunflower Oil helps to alleviate bad breath.  The capsules contain no alcohols, preservatives, sugar, or artificial colors or flavors.

Parsley contains Chlorophyll which is typically an ingredient that is used in products that are meant to freshen the breath.  

Dosage Instructions

The dosage instructions state to take 2-3 capsules approximately 30 minutes after food and to take them along with a beverage of your choosing.  This may need to be repeated more than one time if you do not get the results you are looking for.

If pregnant, you are advised to consult your physician about this product.

Cost and Guarantee

This product comes in both softgels and capsules. It can be purchased for $6.77 for 180 softgels or $9.00 for 90 capsules.  The manufacturer's website is selling only the softgels which have 180 capsules for 1 bottle for $6.14 or 2 bottles for $5.83 each.

Unopened products may be returned within 30 days from delivery.  There is no mention of a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

Summary Of Our World Organic Breath Buddies Review

As an internal breath freshener designed to ensure long-lasting fresh breath, Breath Buddies contain kosher gelatin and is preservative free and made with no artificial colors and flavors. We do not see kosher gelatin in a lot of products so that is certainly a plus for those individuals who would not buy regular gelatin products and supplements. In terms of tackling bad breath - the issue at hand - the research points to the problem of bad breath being an imbalance of the bad and good bacteria inside a person's digestive tract.  We do not think that this product is able to address this problem adequately with just Sunflower and Parsley Seed Oils alone which is what this product is using to get to the core of the problem.  Finally, this does not appear to be a very popular or widely purchased.   We do not give a strong recommendation for this product as a serious one to tackle the issue of bad breath either short or long term.  

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