Research Verified Colon Detox Cleanse-Review

bottle of research verified colon cleanse
  • Date:
  • December 16, 2016

Product Claims of Research Verified Colon Detox Cleanse

When choosing a colon detox supplement, it is of utmost importance to make sure that the product you are using is safe as well as effective. Our goal in this review of the Colon Detox Cleanse dietary supplement produced by Research Verified is to determine if this product bears such a standard of excellence. Many manufacturers add fillers to their products - these are the inactive ingredients found on the label that are unrelated to the goals of the product, and oftentimes these fillers may be chemicals that could have harmful effects or even be addictive. This is where we were very pleased in our examination of Research Verified's product - not only does this company stand behind extensive clinical research and is committed to using the same dosage and list of ingredients that are found to be effective by researchers, but they also are committed to producing pure products without fillers or other harmful ingredients. In addition, its product aims to provide more benefits than the standard colon detox on the market - it aims to cleanse the body of toxins and waste built up over time, to reduce bloating and distention, to promote regularity, and to balance healthy bacterial and pH levels for a healthy colon. Our review will provide all the details about this exceptional product.


Each two-capsule serving of this product contains the following:

This product contains no preservatives, no artificial colorings, and no hormones or other fillers. Its pure ingredients are all clinically proven as effective, gentle internal cleansers which also contribute to the long-term health of the colon. Psyllium Husk, Oats, Prunes and Apple Pectin are crucial ingredients, as well as the probiotic acidophilus.

Dosage Instructions

The manufacturer recommends for adults that for the first time or for occasional use of this product one should take two capsules three times per day with each meal - two in the morning, two midday and two in the afternoon. For daily maintenance, it is recommended to take one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Cost and Guarantee

Research Verified is currently offering a sale for purchases made through their website. For a purchase of six bottles, one pays $24 per bottle. For a purchase of three bottles, one pays $33 per bottle, and for a purchase of one bottle, one pays $48 (still a savings of 31% from the list price of $69.95). In addition, Research Verified offers an exceptional 365-day money back guarantee - customers that are not satisfied with the product can return both opened and unopened bottles for a full refund for up to one year. Such a generous guarantee from the manufacturer shows us that this product has a very high level of customer satisfaction. To learn more about this company, read our Research Verified review.

Summary of Our Research Verified Colon Detox Cleanse Review

We are very impressed by the Colon Detox Cleanse supplement by Research Verified. Our research shows that this formula is based on real clinical research and that the product is safe and pure, and free of harmful fillers as found in competitor colon detox solutions. In addition, the product is effective in promoting colon health and provides a gentle and effective cleanse. We are particularly pleased to see that Research Verified employs unbiased, third-party tests in their review of their product, and that they conform to FDA, cGMP and US Pharmacopeia's standards. In short, you cannot go wrong with a purchase of this supplement, particularly when backed by the incredible 365-day money back guarantee when purchased online from the manufacturer.