Research Verified Moringa Oleifera-Review

bottle of research verified moringa
  • Date:
  • June 26, 2017

Product Claims of Moringa Oleifera

Moringa Oleifera has often been considered one of, if not the, best herbal remedies on the market. As a result, there is no shortage of Moringa Oleifera "miracle supplement" products claiming to be the perfect method for weight loss. There are untold hundreds of different manufacturers online, each and every one claiming to possess the true Moringa Oleifera product. In this untrustworthy market, Research Verified comes with a refreshing brand of honesty. The evidence provided supports their own Moringa Oleifera product without hiding behind the smoke and mirrors of the competition. Instead of using synthetic alternatives like so many others, Research Verified's Moringa Oleifera is all natural. This means there are zero hormonal additives or preservatives. The product boasts a formula documented in clinical studies, providing weight loss with fast results. The Moringa Oleifera 100% Pure Extract comes with Research Verified's seal of approval, indicating that it meets every single criteria for safety and effectiveness. This indicates a lack of contaminants, that it has been tested by a 3rd party, has FDA approval, was manufactured in a cGMP laboratory, contains dosage and purity in line with clinical data, and meets the US Pharmacopeia's standards of quality.


Moringa Oleifera is the only ingredient, and is all natural, having been manufactured at a cGMP laboratory. The capsule is vegetarian and contains no synthetic additives.

Dosage Information

The recommended dosage is 600 mg twice a day. As it is a dietary supplement, it should be eaten together with meals. Consumers are warned not to exceed the recommended dosage. Pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as children under 18 years of age and those with preexisting medical conditions and those on prescription medications should avoid taking Moringa Oleifera 100% Pure Extract, or any other weight loss supplement, before consulting a medical professional.

Cost and Guarantee

The website has three purchase options available. These options are buying one bottle for $48, three bottles for $98, and six bottles for $142. Effective weight loss does take time, so we recommend the six bottle purchase. This saves customers over $270. However, the most popular option is the three bottle purchase, which saves customers over $110.

The website provides different payment options, such as Paypal, Paypal Credit and Amazon. Research Verified further promises a 365-day money-back guarantee. Dissatisfied buyers can send back all purchased bottles and receive a full refund, excluding any shipping charges.

Summary of our Moinga Oleifera 100% Pure Extract Review

With stunning endorsement and impeccable honesty, Research Verified's product is leagues ahead of the competition. In a market of hundreds of weight loss products each claiming to be the best, Research Verified once again provides evidence backing their product, something so many others fail to do. Their 365-day money-back guarantee shows the confidence they have in their Moringa Oleifera 100% Pure Extract. Research Verified is also very transparent with their product, providing the label on their website, as well as links to reputable clinical studies that only further bolster their claims. To peruse our Research Verified review, click here. In a market oversaturated in unreliable, suspicious weight loss supplements, Research Verified's Moringa Oleifera stands out as a refreshing bit of honesty that we endorse.