Research Verified Scar Repair-Review

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  • August 21, 2017

Product Claims of Research Verified Scar Repair

This review is for a product called Scar Repair offered by Research Verified. Research Verified offers two Scar Repair products that are intended to work in tandem with each other to heal and nourish the skin in a scar area - there is a Scar Repair Gel for promoting the internal healing of the skin, and there is a Scar Repair Rejuvenation Cream which is intended to nourish the skin and fade the scar. Research Verified Scar Repair stands out from its competitors, as our review below will examine in detail.


Scar Repair Gel contains the following ingredients:

  • Dimethicone
  • Cyclomethicone and Dimethiconol
  • Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone/Vinyl (Dimethicone Crosspolymer)

Scar Repair Rejuvenation Cream contains the following ingredients:

The product focuses on a two-treatment solution - it contains ingredients that are clinically proven to both fade scars and also to promote skin cell renewal and rejuvenation. Research has shown that the following ingredients achieve these goals: onion bulb extract, aloe vera and the oils of emu, safflower, sunflower and jojoba. In the gel, we find medical grade silicone that promotes healing of the skin internally. The ingredients in the rejuvenating cream nourish the skin and fade scars. Research Verified has many unique products like this one, check out our full Research Verified reviews for more great information.

Dosage Instructions

For Scar Repair Gel, one is instructed to gently massage the product into the affected areas using a circular motion, and to repeat this at least three times daily. For Scar Repair Rejuvenation Cream adults are to apply to the affected area 3-4 times daily.

Cost and Guarantee

When purchasing this product online from Research Verified, you can buy either just the gel or just the rejuvenation cream or a package deal that contains both the gel and cream. For the package where you get both the gel and cream, you can buy one bottle of each for $40 each (a savings of 43% from the list price), or two bottles of each for $29 each (a savings of 59% from list price) or three bottles of each (six bottles total) for $24 per bottle (a savings of 66% from list price). One also has the option just to purchase one bottle (or multiple bottles) of just the gel or just the cream, and there is a pricing scale for this option as well, starting at one bottle of either costing $48 per bottle (a savings of 31% from the list price).

Scar Repair is backed by an impressive 365-day guarantee, so you have a full year to return the product if you are not satisfied with the results for a full refund.

Summary of Our Research Verified Scar Repair Review

In conclusion to our review, Research Verified's Scar Repair Gel and Scar Repair Rejuvenation Cream are about as good as you can get when trying to repair and nourish the skin in a scar area. First of all, the product is backed by third-party testing to ensure the quality of the ingredients used, and the company's formula is strongly backed by clinical research. The two-product solution makes sense when targeting the different goals of scar repair - one for promoting internal healing of the skin, and one for fading and repairing the scar. The manufacturer stands behind all the industry standards of quality and purity in producing the product, and their offer of a 365-day money-back guarantee means you really have nothing to lose when trying their product.

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